Individuals are its constituents but as a whole, it acts as one. Society is a subject that is often associated with social behavior and the impact of the individual on the group. This section explores ideas on society with a general guideline: evolving to a better self.

It is possible for this category to contain edgy or controversial ideas. That is why the articles must be read with openness. These thoughts are just thoughts; they should never be pondered without their context. Always check the date of each content.

If you create knowledge, do it for free

Posted Monday November 02, 2020

Walled gardens and pretty flowers I suppose I have been one of these numerous people to sport a Medium blog back in the day. I am not too proud about it since I am an avid consumer of blog posts and subject to more and more of Medium’s limitations. You surely have seen those too, around the corner of a React post or a rant about some hyped technology. I am here talking about pay-to-read and other fantasies.

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And so I started using an Ad Blocker

Posted Wednesday June 03, 2020

Edit (14th of July 2020): Allow rules in uBlock Origin’s Dynamic Filtering feature have been hidden1 due to them being misunderstood by the user base. This article has been updated accordingly. Bad feelings and feeling bad I will openly admit something: I always go above and beyond to reduce the amount of telemetry that gets sent to various providers. While I am on the topic of confessions, I also strive to make my devices more performant. So you will not be surprised when I tell you that I believe we can find performance in minimalism; we send and receive a...

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Engineering, seen by a newcomer

Posted Tuesday July 18, 2017

Words of notice: This is a slightly edited repost from an article I published on my previous blog. In three months, I will be a web engineer… After decades of computer science advances, there still have hurdles to overcome to make the field move forward. The future for engineers of all domains has never been so bright but it would be inadvisable to fret; it is not always what one might expect.

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