A global game changer. The Cloud is a framework that delivers on a promise of cost-effective, performant, secure, comprehensive and reliable infrastructures for the years to come. It has become possible to freely innovate without needing to configure software or hardware at each step. Without the need to maintain ever increasing server rooms.

The articles of this section are aimed at unlocking ideas that could help enhancing your experience with your favorite Cloud providers. Do not forget to do your own research though, as this domain moves very fast with new services on a daily to weekly basis.

Self-service FaaS infrastructure with Terraform

Posted Monday October 28, 2019

Words of notice: This is an article I wrote for Gekko. Many thanks for their consent to sharing this story here. On Serverless, FaaS and Infrastructure as Code It has been a few years now that Serverless as a concept changed the shape of our Clouds. What started off as a logical step, a new tool after the advent of container technologies became a subject in and of itself. However, let us define a boundary first: this post will be concentrating on a major domain of Serverless which is the Function as a Service, also known as FaaS. The title...

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