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Hello, Vincenzo Scalzi here!

What if we could do better? How can we learn from our collective mistakes? It is high time to explore the blogging universe and to contribute my own ideas into the mix. This blog comes in addition to my Twitter feed which contains my curated selection of news and ideas to explore.
Where does this wish to blog came from? Like anyone else, I have ideas. I wish to explore and share mine in the hopes to produce the spark that will lead you to greater ideas. Similarly, I wish for you to help your community so that our paths may cross one day.

As for this site, like my others, it is open source, hosted on GitHub Pages, uses Jekyll to generate content and is delivered to you by Cloudflare.
That way, there is no server to manage, no hosting costs or headaches, just a domain. Just a domain with free content you will appreciate. I can only hope you will like it, as I will never add any third party comment tool or analytics. If you do enjoy the contents, come by the place that hosts it and leave your mark. Or check out my personal website, my Meetup notes or my apps.

Do not forget to leave some feedback so that I can make your experience better.

Have a nice visit!

Latest post: I was present at BDX I/O 2019, what about you?

Posted Tuesday November 26, 2019

Words of notice: This is an article I wrote for Gekko. Many thanks for their consent to sharing this story here. The Bordeaux Developer Experience stylized logo In Bordeaux, November the 15th of 2019 was not a rough day. The weather was usual for the season, grayish and not too cold. What was not usual was that November the 15th of 2019 was also the 6th edition of the Bordeaux Developer Experience and for the first time, Gekko was a partner of the event and our team was holding a stand there. Freshly arrived at the Bordeaux Convention Center at...

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